Scleral Icterus

What is Scleral Icterus? When an individual has yellow eyes, he or she is thought to have a problem with

Centrum Semiovale

What is Centrum Semiovale? Centrum Semiovale  is a mass consisting of white matter that occurs superior to (on top of)

Gardnerella Vaginalis

What is Gardnerella Vaginalis? Gardnerella Vaginalis is a condition that affects vagina and is a result of infection from bacteria. This

Bipap Machine

What Is Bipap Machine? Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure or Bipap machine is recommended to individuals who are experiencing sleep apnea. This

Shin Splints

What Is Shin Splints? Shin splints refer to pain occurring along the tibia, the inner edge part of the shinbone.

Ocular Albinism

What is Ocular Albinism? From the term ‘albinism’, which is a group of genetic disorders characterized by partial or total


What is Hemarthrosis? Hemarthrosis is a condition in which bleeding occurs in the joint spaces. This condition occurs when blood

Sprained Thumb

What Is a Sprained Thumb? Sprained Thumb occurs when the tissue supporting the joint bones at the base of the


What is Osteopetrosis? Osteopetrosis is a congenital condition that is characterized by weak bones, higher bone density and unusual skeletons.