Irregular Heartbeat

What Is Irregular Heartbeat? Irregular heartbeat is people may sometimes feel that their heart beats too fast or too hard.


What Is Asystole? Asystole refers to an abnormal cardiac rhythm as indicated by an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine. If this is

Wolf Skin Disease

What is Wolf Skin Disease? Wolf Skin Disease also referred to as Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (WHS), wolf skin disease is a

Biliary Dyskinesia

What is Biliary Dyskinesia? Biliary Dyskinesia is a medical disorder that occurs when the normal peristaltic mechanism of the gallbladder,

Cholinergic Urticaria

What Is Cholinergic Urticaria? Cholinergic Urticaria is labeled because sweat glands are innervated by cholinergic nerve fibers and “urticaria” means

Enlarged Papillae

What Is Enlarged Papillae? Enlarged Papillae is a condition where the papillae on the tongue become swollen or bigger than normal.

Medial Meniscus Tears

What are Medial Meniscus Tears? Medial Meniscus Tears are common knee injuries. These commonly result when the knee is injured


What is Cretinism? Cretinism is a congenital disorder meaning it is present at birth. In this disorder, there is reduced

Wry Neck

What Is Wry Neck? Wry neck is also referred to as torticollis. It is a severe condition that causes your neck

Pilonidal Cyst

What Is Pilonidal Cyst? Pilonidal cyst or cyst of the tailbone is like a large pimple that occurs at the